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A more natural way: Washing Liquid

I have been playing with homemade products after wondering what is in all the shop bought stuff I buy. Even though I try to opt for the eco-freindly, natural products, they are often expensive and not for those on a budget. Everything I buy of course … [Read more]

I don’t want to see.

You know how it is on Facebook, a random mish mash of people you'd call friends, as in you do actually call them up and see them from time to time, enjoy their company, tell secrets too, that kind of friend. Then there are the people we brush against … [Read more]

Ethics Boutique

My online vegan store is coming along. I wish I could devote all my time to it yet with my 3 jobs and 2 children it is coming along at it's own pace, nicely evolving into a hand picked store, just a few select items as and when I acquire them. … [Read more]

Mushroom stroganoff

This is one of my favourite meals and quick to make to which is a bonus if you have a busy life! Ingredients: About 10 mushrooms, I like chestnut the best for this but the photo is white mushrooms as that's all I had his time. Onion - sliced … [Read more]

Vegan Pizza

I love pizza, can't stress it enough, love it! And until last week I would have sworn I hated vegan cheese, as to me they have just tasted of salt, full stop. Then I found Sheese smoked cheddar which was fabulous so thought I'd take my chances on … [Read more]

The power of a smoothie

I have had a cold this weekend and although I've got through teaching one fitness class today, I have three more later. As I was yearning for more cups of tea (decaf only for 3 weeks now and feel much brighter for it), I thought maybe an influx of … [Read more]

Worcestershire sauce

Most Worcestershire sauce is made from anchovies. So there's another one to throw out of the fridge when you get home! The ingredients are basically anchovies in brine, tamarinds (fruit) in molasses, garlic in vinegar, chillies, shallots, cloves and … [Read more]

Animal Transportation

Animals intended for meat are often transported for long distances without food or water or any protection. As humans we wear seatbelts and have comfortable seats to sit in. We can stop when we are thirsty or tired. Animals do not have these … [Read more]